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Rebate Program

Our Rebate Real Estate Program is the exact same service that you would receive on any Real Estate transaction, except you are receiving money back at closing verses nothing.
You will receive cash back at closing when you buy any home on the MLS in Florida through Smart Realty of Amelia.

Rebate Estimates

Purchase Price              Your Rebate
$200,000                        $900
$275,000                        $1,237
$350,000                        $1,575
$500,000                        $2,250
$650,000                        $2,925
$775,000                        $3,487
$900,000                        $4,050
$1,500,000                     $6,750
$3,000,000                     $13,500
* Rebate estimates are based on an average 3% real estate commission.
This is an estimate of how much you can make on a rebate through this program.